Crete during winter

Crete during winter is simply outstanding for riding your normal or electric bicycle.
Ideally, if you want to hit the best spots of the island during the weather get an eBike as covering 1500+ meters in a day the normal.

Crete has a privileged geographical position in the Mediterranean, which gives it a mild climate with mild changes of the weather. The winter, which usually starts in the middle of December, is mild. Its colder months are January and February. Having said that you will find many routes that you can ride your ebike with just a long shirt even mid February!

Crete during winter gives you the perfect temperatures for cycling. Many places like the Messara valley get temperatures up to 20oC even mid-February-March while the sea temperature never gets below 15oC.

The traffic on the roads is minimal and there are so many flowers! To get an idea of how rich the biodiversity of Crete is, just consider that Crete has almost as many species and subspecies of plants (about 1750) as the whole Britain (1450), even if it is 35 times smaller. This diversity is not only reflected in the total number of species but also in the number of endemic species, which grow only in Crete and nowhere else in the world. In Crete, there are about 160 endemic species and subspecies, which means that 9% of the plant species of Crete do not exist anywhere else in the world.

The most characteristic plants of the island are the aromatic herbs that thrive here. Because of the essential oils that they contain, they are used as ingredients in cooking, in the preparation of teas and as medicines. The thyme (Corridothymus capitatus), the sage (Salvia futicosa), the mountain tea (Sideritis syriaca spp. syriaca), the wild marjoram (Origanum microphyllum), the dittany (Origanum dictamnus) are only some of the herbs that one can see and smell on the island.

The video posted on this blog post is taken during January of 2020 in central Crete. You really need to give it ago during the winter; it is superb!

Happy cycling.

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