Bosch Performance Line CX


Bosch Performance Line CX

The eBike stimulates our mobility and is one of the most agile, comfortable and simply smartest vehicles of our time, with positive impacts on our health and the environment. The modern components and the freedom in design of the Bosch drive systems represent the foundation for a diverse choice from the bike manufacturers – regardless if it is a mountain bike, trekking, city, or a touring bike. At eMTB-Crete we use mainly ebikes that are based on the Bosch motor.

The motor has a max torque of up to 75 Nm. For sporty acceleration even in alpine terrain, without changing gear by using the superb eMTB mode. In eMTB mode automatically adapts to your individual riding style, which means that there is no need for you to switch support mode. All you need to do is focus completely on the route. Bear in mind however that the emtb mode consume a lot of battery and is not recommended if you got a long route to do.

The highlights

Direct Flow
Perfect support as soon as you step onto the pedals means that starting on steep slopes is significantly easier.
No Trigger
Thanks to the new eMTB mode, there is no need to change support modes, so the rider can concentrate fully on the trail.
Trail Control
Enables effortless riding and optimal traction thanks to improved control, even on challenging uphill sections or when encountering difficult obstacles.
Maximum Momentum
A torque of up to 75 Nm ensures sporty acceleration even in alpine terrain, without changing gear.
More walk-assistance power
Stronger support up to speeds of 6 km/h makes pushing your bike much easier. Available since autumn 2018 and backwards compatible for all Performance Line CX systems.
Itinerary Title
For a powerful start uphill and in rough terrain. Improved moving-off behaviour guarantees optimal support in all terrains and on any trail. Noticeably easier, sporty starting as soon as you step onto the pedals.
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