Battery charging advise

Battery Storage

Below you will find a few useful details about the official advise for storing your battery. From the Bosch battery guide Charging – The batteries should be charged at room temperature in a dry location where a smoke detector is … Read More

Charging Battery

Charging your eBike

Our routes are carefully selected down to every detail regarding your ebike trip. When you start your trip you will be given a mobile application where you can load the route and follow the instructions all the way. Waypoints with … Read More

Myths about ebike

Myths about ebike

Myths about ebikes….The basics about an eMTB An eMTB is a mountain bike with an integrated motor that assists the rider. The motor only kicks in when the rider is pedalling and the amount of support can be adjusted in … Read More


Bosch Performance Line CX

Bosch Performance Line CX The eBike stimulates our mobility and is one of the most agile, comfortable and simply smartest vehicles of our time, with positive impacts on our health and the environment. The modern components and the freedom in … Read More

Crete Terrain & weather conditions

Weather Conditions & Terrain

Weather in Crete varies between temperate and subtropical, with an annual average precipitation of about 25 inches (640 mm) and hot, dry summers. Winter temperatures are relatively mild. Mountain air is temperate and cool, and the mountains are often covered … Read More

Emergency phones Crete

Emergency Numbers & Other Useful Information for cyclist

To call any normal number in Greece, dial the full 10-digit number. Greece country code 30 International access code 00 Ambulance 166The hospitals are located on the north of the Island, Agios Nikolaos, Heraklion, Rethymnon and Chania.British and other EU … Read More