Eastern Crete


Cycle through the spectacular highland plateau of Lasithi (900 meters altitude), the Kritsa village with its famous Byzantine churches and the impressive massive of Dikti mountain. You will visit among others the Psychro Cave. The cave is famous in Greek mythology as the place where Amalthea, nurtured the infant Zeus with her goat's milk. The archaeology attests to the site's long use as a place of cult worship. The nurse of Zeus, who was charged by Rhea to raise the infant Zeus in secret here, to protect him from his father Cronus is also called the nymph Adrasteia in some contexts. It is one of a number of caves believed to have been the birthplace or hiding place of Zeus. The route has a total ascent of 6690 meters and 6670 meters of downhill makes a total of 13360 meters!

Eastern Crete Ebikes
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