Messara Tour

Messara Tour


Self Guided Ebike Tour for the winter! This is most likely the warmest cycling trip you can do in the winter in the whole of Europe!. Fancy riding with a t-shirt in the middle of the winter? If yes, this is your trip! Since 1500 BC the Messara plain has extended by up to 6 km due to a buildup of alluvial sediment. Clays from Messara have been found to be the source of significant amounts of Minoan pottery; soil and rock types from the fringes of Messara, particularly the foothills of the Asterousia Mountains at the south and the foothills to the north within the Psiloritis Mountains. In the Messara, olive trees, vineyards and horticultural crops are grown everywhere. Part of the products grown here are placed on the domestic market. Α substantial part of the produced olive oil is then exported to European markets. The Messara Plain is also home to the indigenous Messara horse.

An overview of the accommodation

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