Psiloritis Natural Park

Psiloritis Geopark: Description

The weekly cycling trip with ebikes takes place within the Psiloritis natural park. Due to its rich geodiversity, its beautiful scenery and its history and tradition, Psiloritis Natural Park was included, from its early foundation, at the European Geoparks Network, and later at the Global Geoparks Network by UNESCO. During this round trip with the e-bike at the foot of the legendary “Psiloritis Mountain, known also as Mount Ida”. Crete's Mount Ida is the island's highest summit (2456 meters), sacred to the Goddess Rhea, and wherein lies the legendary Idaean cave, in which baby Zeus was concealed from his father Cronus.

Psiloritis Geopark
An overview of the route & the elevation profile
Interested for the trip but with a non ebike?

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