Central & South Crete


Cycling in central and south Crete with the olive groves and vineyards of the area. We can bring you to experience the huge variety of panoramas of the area. We remain in the central & south Crete, in an up & down ride where each corner will reveal a different view. Heraklion region and south Crete has a hot-summer-Mediterranean climate. Summers are warm to hot and dry with clear skies. Dry hot days are often relieved by seasonal breezes. Winters are very mild with moderate rain. Because Heraklion is further south than Athens, it has a warmer climate during winter but cooler during summer because of the Aegean sea and its high mountains (48 summits above 2000 meters - 6000ft). Hottest months are June, July, August and early September. The best months for cycling are all the rest with best been during the winter! This is an amazing trip to join. From the mountains to the Lybean sea with a total of 5290 meters of elevation!

Day 1 - 34km
1030 meters uphill & 660 downhill
Day 2 - 45km
700 meters uphill & 1110 downhill
Day 3 - 32km
570 meters uphill & 630 downhill. Most of the day we cycle off-road (dirt roads) with magnificent views.
Day 4 - 27km
1020 meters uphill & 330 downhill
Day 5 - 17km
750 meters uphill & 750 downhill. Don’t be fulled with the just 17km. Those are one of the best! Ending on a superb beach in the south to spend the day. The whole distance is taken place off-road (dirt roads).
Day 6 - 43km
730 meters uphill & 980 downhill
Day 7 - 31km
480 meters uphill & 790 downhill
Interested for the trip but with a guide?

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